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In the Ceara Trip Part V I choose to go to Guajiru.

Guajiru is an indigenous fishing village on the coast of Ceará and has about 800 inhabitants from 100 families. Guajiru lies in the municipality of Trairi and is about a 130 km drive from the state capital Fortaleza.

Guajiru is 10 km from Flecheiras, so I preferred to be hosted in Flecheiras and spend one day there.

I went there by foot because I thought that it would be nice to walk along the beach. But you need to be prepared because it is not so easy to walk for so long on the sand. On the way there I could see local people and how the village is growing up. Now there are many big houses being built.

Guajiru beach is amazing, with natural pools in the middle of the corals like in the picture above.


In the center of the guajiru village there is a small and charming church, in the middle of the square. Surrounding the square there are some rustic bars with local people like fisherman.

The streets are straight and made of paving stone, revealing a unique look of the Guajiru village.

With light sand and a flat sea , it’s a relaxing beach to spend the day at and a great place to take pictures of the sunset.

Guajiru is a village where you rent a house and relax or have fun with friends or family. There isn’t much of a night life. I just found one bar with a fantastic fresh graviola fruit juice. The owner has a graviola tree in the backyard of the bar.

I came back to Flecheiras walking on the road, and when the night arrived it was so dark, because there aren’t so many lights in the way, and I used the lantern to see where I was stepping.

Pictures from website enfeiticadas.

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