If you are doing a city tour around West Zone of São Paulo, you should go to Praça do por do sol, or in English: Sunset Plaza.  Like the name says, the main touristic attraction is the wonderful and surprising sunset in the afternoon.

The Sunset Plaza is located in Pinheiros district, in Sao Paulo, at Diógenes Ribeiro de Lima Avenue. There are people gathering every day, mainly when the sky is clear and the day is sunny. It is an advise for those people who want to enjoy one of the most beautiful views of the city.

Every day, young couples in love, teenagers that are talking and having fun, families and elderly go to the site to observe the scenery, enjoy the nature and to have a break from the routine of the frenetic metropolis that is São Paulo.

In the wintertime the Sunset Plaza is a nice place for a stroll or for those who simply want to sit on the grass and watch the scenery.

Sometimes there is music in the air at Praça do Por do Sol, and the people that visit frequently bring with them guitars or speakers.

There are not so many stores or bars around, so don’t forget to bring with you a bottle of water or something to drink.

If you just would like to walk around and meet new people, it can be a great idea to go to Praça do pôr do sol too. A friendly environment and almost of people are open to an exchange among enjoyable people in the end of day, with the sublime scene of the sunset. This view looks like a huge screen of nature. Maybe you cannot find a great place to sit with the best view because of the quantity of people that are there.

The Praça Coronel Custódio Fernandes Pinheiro, the official name, is near the Vila Madalena neighborhood. The view is so fantastic that people from all parts of São Paulo go there to enjoy this cozy place.

Where: 230, Diógenes Ribeiro de Lima Avenue
When: In the afternoon – Sunset
Getting there: Cidade Universitária (Train station CPTM – Emerald line) – 15 min walking (1 km)

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