The untouched beach of Lagoinha do Leste is considered the main treasure of the island: a wild beach only reached through trails. Logoinha do leste beach is located in the south area of Florianopolis Island.
This beach can be reached by the trail that starts near the Pântano do Sul beach at Manoel Pedro de Oliveira street or by boat. The trail was revitalized in 2016 to more people had the opportunity to go to this paradise hidden behind the hill.


Adnir Antonio Ramos from Instituto do Multidisciplinar do Meio Ambiente e Arqueoastronomia – IMMA (Multidisciplinary Institute for the Environment and Archeoastronomy) was one of those who put their hand-on, literally, to move stones, improve the layout and put the eucalyptus rollers at the critical points of the trail.
In the trail we will have the chance to enjoy the biodiversity of the Atlantic forest, until we reach the beach that for many is the prettiest one in the island.
Near the start point there is a bus station for people who come by public transport and parking lot costing R$5 or R$10 and there is a board with advice about the trail.
The route is 2200 meters and takes approximately 50 minutes. If you don’t use to do exercises can take more than 1 hours.



With the revitalization the trail today is safe and there are some boards signaling how much kilometers was walked. In the way you can see two small waterfalls with fresh water.
Once we arrive at the beach, the beauty will come from everywhere: from the dunes, from the creeping vegetation, from the peace of the pretty lake at its left side, from the beach itself, famous for being the wildest one in the island.



To arrive in the lagoon, in Portuguese lagoinha, you need to walk a little bit more. Beside the beach you can find with sweet and dark water, behind a sandbank.
When you see a picture of the Lagoinha do Leste view, the picture was taken from the hill called “Morro da Coroa” and there you can see the “Pedra do Surfista” (Surfer Stone), and to go there will take 30 more minutes walking.

Advice: Bring with you water, food, sunblock and don’t forget a plastic bag to the trash.

Getting there by bus: from the center get the bus Executivo Pantano do Sul to the bus stop at Av. Antônio borges dos santos (cost R$7,75 – 2016)

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