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Can you see the airplane?

A foreigner’s 1st impression of São Paulo when I was …

Arriving in São Paulo by Airplane

As I descended into Congonhas airport, my eyes were immediately drawn to the monumental cityscape of São Paulo. The vast number of towering buildings seemed to reach for the sky, giving the illusion that they could touch the airplane itself.

During the landing, I couldn’t help but feel a churn in my stomach as I noticed the relatively small size of the runway at Congonhas airport. It struck me that this bustling airport is situated right in the heart of this gigantic city, a testament to São Paulo’s urban density.

Opting for Tam airline, I was pleasantly surprised by the excellent on-board service they provided. From a mouthwatering sandwich to a diverse selection of beverages, their attention to detail was commendable. To top it off, the fantastic entertainment system kept me thoroughly engaged throughout the flight.

Upon arrival at São Paulo airport, I encountered friendly airport staff, though it was evident that they were understaffed as I observed a significant number of passengers waiting in line. However, despite the minor inconvenience, the overall atmosphere was welcoming.

Just outside the airport, a multitude of taxis awaited passengers. It’s important to note that ride-sharing services like Uber are not available at Congonhas due to restrictions, but the airport staff had efficiently organized a line for taxis.

My first impression of São Paulo was one of awe and excitement, as the monumental cityscape and the vibrant airport experience set the stage for my journey in this urban gem of Brazil.

Grafite Sao Paulo
Welcome to São Paulo: Embracing the Soul of Brazil’s Vibrant Metropolis

As I embarked on my journey from the airport to the hotel, the taxi ride proved to be an intriguing introduction to São Paulo. Along the roads, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of vibrant art adorning the walls, turning this concrete jungle into a lively gallery of creativity.

Navigating the city’s roads, I soon discovered that São Paulo faces certain challenges with its infrastructure. The taxi driver skillfully maneuvered through the occasional road issues, showcasing the city’s resilience in adapting to its ever-growing urban landscape. However, it’s worth noting that during rush hours, the bustling traffic can be quite intense, causing some delays along the way.

Inside the comfort of the taxi, I was immersed in a melodic journey through Brazilian music. The radio station played a diverse range of Brazilian music, as well as English-language tracks spanning various genres, including pop, rock, and more. It was a delightful blend that highlighted the rich musical culture of São Paulo.

As I tuned in to some popular Brazilian radio stations, the captivating rhythms and melodies filled the car, giving me a taste of the local music scene. From traditional samba and bossa nova to contemporary Brazilian artists, the radio stations provided a window into the vibrant music culture of São Paulo.

Immersed in the colorful streets, bustling traffic, and the melodic beats of Brazilian music, my first encounters with São Paulo were filled with energy and excitement. This dynamic city offers a captivating blend of art, infrastructure challenges, and a musical landscape that is sure to leave visitors in awe.

An Unforgettable Night Out in São Paulo: Uber Rides and Spectacular Sights!

Wow, let me tell you about my epic first night out in São Paulo! It was absolutely unforgettable!

First off, the Uber service in São Paulo is top-notch. I was amazed at how quickly they responded to my request. The cars were spotless and oh-so-comfortable, and the drivers were incredibly polite. To make the ride even more enjoyable, they even had water and some candies to sweeten the journey. Talk about going the extra mile!

As we cruised through the city, I couldn’t help but be mesmerized by the stunning sights that unfolded before my eyes. São Paulo is truly a city of wonders! I spotted massive parks where people were enjoying leisurely strolls and picnics, creating a vibrant and lively atmosphere. And let me tell you, the architecture is mind-blowing! The cityscape boasts some jaw-dropping buildings with sleek and modern designs that left me in awe. I was expecting a concrete jungle, but São Paulo surprised me with its wide roads and plentiful parks, providing a refreshing balance between urban and natural spaces.

My ride was like a sightseeing tour, showcasing the best of São Paulo’s beauty. I couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement and anticipation for what the rest of the city had in store for me.

That first night out in São Paulo exceeded all my expectations. With Uber as my trusty companion, the clean and comfortable rides, friendly drivers, and incredible sights of the city made it an experience I will cherish forever. São Paulo truly knows how to leave a lasting impression!

Boteco sao Bento

Exploring São Paulo’s Bar Scene: Vila Madalena’s Lively Neighborhood

Let me tell you about the incredible bar scene in São Paulo! Brace yourself, because there are more than 300 bars scattered throughout the city.

When I arrived in Vila Madalena, a neighborhood in São Paulo, I was blown away by the sight that greeted me. Bars and people were everywhere, creating a lively and bustling atmosphere. Choosing a bar was a tough task because they all looked fantastic. Eventually, I settled on Boteco São Bento. And boy, was it a great choice!

Inside the bar, the energy was contagious. Happy and beautiful people were dancing, singing, chatting, and having a blast with their friends. Vila Madalena alone boasts over 100 bars, each with its own unique vibe and charm.

The traditional bars in the area offer cozy seating with tables and chairs, perfect for relaxing and enjoying drinks and appetizers while engaging in conversation with your friends. It’s the ideal setting to unwind and soak up the vibrant ambiance.

I consider myself lucky because I managed to get in without facing a long line outside, something people always warned me about. Once inside, the lively Brazilian music filled the air, ranging from sertanejo and samba to pagode. And don’t worry, they also played music in English, featuring artists like David Guetta, Ellie Goulding, Guns N’ Roses, The Strokes, and more. The DJ was phenomenal, and the irresistible beats had everyone dancing nonstop. The people in São Paulo are incredibly outgoing and friendly, readily striking up conversations and inviting you to join in the fun with their friends. Even if you go alone, you’re bound to leave with a bunch of new “amigos.”

One great thing about these bars is that you settle the bill at the end, which is perfect when you want to grab another drink. However, if you find yourself in a hurry to leave, be prepared to wait in line to pay your bill. So, it’s best to avoid having a hangover the next day!

When it comes to beverages, beer reigns supreme among the locals. The bars offer small glasses and bottles of beer to share with friends. The bottles are kept in ice buckets, ensuring that your beer is always refreshingly cold.

São Paulo’s bar scene is a dynamic and vibrant experience. From the eclectic music to the friendly atmosphere and ice-cold beers, it’s a place where you can create unforgettable memories and make new connections. Cheers to São Paulo’s lively spirit!


Brazilian Delights: From Caipirinhas to Late-Night Eateries in São Paulo

Let’s talk about the delicious drinks and late-night munchies I discovered in São Paulo! Get ready to tantalize your taste buds!

First things first, cachaça takes the crown as Brazil’s national alcohol, derived from sugar cane. The most famous Brazilian drink, the Caipirinha, features cachaça as its star ingredient (though you can opt for vodka if you prefer). Traditionally, a Caipirinha consists of lemon, ice, sugar, and cachaça, but you can also enjoy variations made with fruits like strawberry, passion fruit, pineapple, and more.

While I enjoyed sipping on a Caipirinha, I soon realized that my taste buds preferred the bold flavors of the local beers. The most popular beer brands in Brazil include Skol, Brahma, Original, and Serramalte. Additionally, you’ll find a range of international beers like Stella Artois, Corona, Budweiser, and Heineken available for your enjoyment.

As the night unfolded, I noticed that everyone around me held their glasses while dancing, creating a unique atmosphere where the drinks fueled the continuous dancing. It was a vibrant and energetic experience, with the beverages adding to the enjoyment of the night.

Once the festivities came to a close, it was time to satisfy the hunger that had built up after a long night of dancing. That’s when I stumbled upon a true gem—a 24-hour Padaria (Bakery). These establishments are a delightful combination of a restaurant and a grocery store, offering a range of food options. Whether you’re craving a hearty sandwich or other tasty treats, these Padarias have got you covered, even in the middle of the night.

When it comes to dining options, São Paulo doesn’t disappoint. The city boasts an impressive array of over 2,500 restaurants that operate 24 hours a day. So, no matter the time, you can indulge in the diverse culinary delights that São Paulo has to offer.

My journey through São Paulo’s nightlife and gastronomic scene was truly entertaining and unforgettable. From the flavorsome Caipirinhas to the bustling late-night Padarias, every experience was a fantastic exploration of Brazilian delights. Cheers to São Paulo’s vibrant spirit and delectable offerings!

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