Edifício Matarazzo

Edifício Matarazzo

The new touristic point, Edifício Matarazzo, is open for guided tours. Today the building Matarazzo is in the Headquarters of São Paulo and it is open to the tourists and local residents.

The duration of the tour is about one hour to learn about the history, architecture and a surprising roof garden with an amazing view of the old downtown.

Edifício Matarazzo, since 2004 has been the headquarters of São Paulo City hall, located in the famous point of the old center of São Paulo called Viaduto do chá, near Vale do Anhangabau. Before 2004 this building was installed in São Paulo State Bank.


Edifício Matarazzo was inaugurated in 1939 to become the headquarters of the biggest industrial conglomerate of Brazilian history: Francisco Matarazzo United Industries. Francisco Matarazzo owner of 300 enterprises in Brazil and one of the richest men in those times. Using elements of classic inspiration, besides the austerity and characteristic of the fascist style, it has the facade completely covered in Roman travertine marble. It was designed by the Italian dictator Benito Mussolini’s favorite architect, the also Italian Marcello Piacentini. The highlight is the garden on the top of the building.

There are 14th floors, and in the terrace there is a garden with a diversity of 400 types of plants and a small lagoon with carps completing the beautiful landscape design.

The building was headquarters to one of Matarazzo family industries, until 1972, when it was sold to the Audi Group. Then in 2004, the building became part of the headquarters of São Paulo City hall after the renegotiation of the debt of the Municipal Company of Public Transport.

The style looks like the Italian buildings of the 30’s, Piacentini, or the popular name “architect of Mussolini”. In the building there are some characteristics of Neoclassical architecture, as grandeur and magnificence. In the lobby, the walls are covered with travertine marble, giving a luxurious look to the site. Eventually, there are exhibitions of art in this space.

The tour guide

The tour guide starts by explaining the architectural characteristics in the facade highlighting the sculptures and the doors. The high ceilings are impressive, and so too is a giant mosaic with Brazil map from 1939.

Everybody in the tour group is invited to watch a video about Matarazzo’s Family and the building. The tour continues to the 3rd floor and after you can go to a lofty garden where visitors can admire the city view from various angles.

The mayor’s office will be included in the tour on Saturday . It’s possible to schedule a guide tour in English and Spanish.


How: If you are interested in the guide tour in the São Paulo City hall you should send an email to visitaedificiomatarazzo@spturis.com before 2pm the day before you want to visit.
When: Monday to Friday at 3pm, 5pm e 7pm, on Saturdays at 10am and 2pm.
Duration: 1 hour  in organized groups accompanied by a guide, that will cover the history and curiosities about the build.
Entrance: Free
Where: Viaduto do Chá, 15

Information from website Cidade de São Paulo

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