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The next day I went to Flecheiras. From Mundau to Flecheiras it is 12km. Here, you won’t use a bus for public transport, instead you’ll go by Fiat Uno (small car). The “bus station” is on any corner.

When I arrived in Flecheiras I thought: What was I doing in Mundau? It’s an amazing place, a really small and organized city, clean, with bars, restaurants, good hotels and so on.

Flecheiras is a fishing village on the northeastern coast of Ceará, Brazil. It has about 1200 permanent residents.

I started to look for a hotel. There are hotels with a variety of services, quality and prices, for example.

Orixas Hotel

The luxurious one is the Orixás Art Hotel, in front of the beach. The rooms are excellent, each one with a theme, and the decor is impeccable. There is a private pool and a hammock in each room, giving a unique charm. There are rooms with 230m². The staff are great and they offer a good service and a delicious breakfast with tapioca, scrambled eggs and so on.

I chose the Hotel Pouso do Kite. It is near the beach, restaurants, bars etc. It has a fun decoration, with a lot of colors, and in the middle of the garden there is a swimming pool. The breakfast there consists of cakes, juices, fruit, scrambled eggs and the famous tapioca. Everyday in the breakfast the staff put some papaya in the garden for the monkeys and I never was alone, it’s so lovely. The staff are really friendly, and if you would like to have kitesurf classes and tips for your next trip in the northeast of Brazil, ask for the advice of the owners of the Hotel.

Flecheiras is one of the best places to kitesurf, and the Hotel Pouso do kite there are classes and all the equipment that you need.

Some great advice from the owners of the Pouso do Kite, was to go to both beaches: Icaraizinho de Amontada and Delta do Parnaíba.

Natural Pools - Flecheiras

In my opinion, the beach in Flecheiras is the best one! There are a lot of coral reefs, and in the middle of the corals there are holes that make natural pools with warm water and colorful fish, it’s so relaxing to be there. When there is low tide, some natural pools are created in the center of the sand.

The nightlife occurs in the heart of the village, there are some bars playing popular Brazilian music, and in the square there are kiosks selling typical food for dinner (food such as bobó de camarão, moqueca de arraia, farofa, etc), drinks and sweets. People are used to sitting on the chairs and the tables spread in the square: eating, chatting, dancing and singing.

You can end your night sitting in the sand looking at the sky with a shining moon and many sparkly stars.

PS. There isnt ATM in the village.

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