In the far south of the Santa Catarina Island (Florianopolis) in Brazil you will find one of the most charming beaches of Southern Atlantic, with the official name Praia do Rio das Pacas, because there are a lot of these animals, but people used to call Praia da Solidão or in english Solitude Beach, framed by mountains and the law protected Atlantic Forest. A small refuge surrounded by hills and coasts, congregates in its 850 meters of extension, the natural necessary ingredients for an unforgettable stay: a thin-sand clean beach, waterfall with a natural pool, beautiful sightseeing walks and a safe and calm environment.
Despite the media attention focus observed in the last few years, Solidão beach continues to be a calm meeting place for nature lovers.
Normally there aren’t many people there, so a good place to relax.
The clean water sea bathed by an oceanic stream is a perfect place for fishing, diving and surfing.
People enjoy swimming in the Rio das Pacas (Pacas’ River) what offers the visitors a small warm water pound near the sea.

There is no restaurants and bars there, so bring your food and drink. Take care of the nature and don’t leave the trash at the beach.

Getting There: 30 km far from Florianópolis Downtown, you can go to Praia da Solidão taking the SC-406 State Road in its path by the airport, and other beaches like Morro das Pedras, Armação (Lagoa do Peri), Pântano do Sul e Balneário de Açores, by good quality roads and a short (300 meters) natural access (all weather open).

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