Secretaria da Justiça de São Paulo

Secretaria da Justiça de São Paulo

Secretaria da Justiça de São Paulo (in english Justice Department) are two buildings designed by Ramos de Azevedo are almost twins in neoclassical style. The building 184, on the right is the first work of the famous architect in the city of Sao Paulo: it was built from 1881 to 1891 to house the State Department of Finance and Treasury. The building 148 – more garnished – was opened in 1896 as the State Agriculture Department. Both have internal yards covered by skylights held up by artistic iron frames and both have Corinthian columns (the most ornamental from the Greek and Roman architectonic order) in their façades. Today, they both house Sao Paulo State Department of Justice.

When: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 6 pm.
Where: Pátio do Colégio, 148 e 184

Getting There
Metro subway: Se or Sao Bento metro station (Line 1 – Blue)

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