Conjunto Sao Francisco

Conjunto Franciscano (in english Franciscan Set) it is in an area occupied by the Franciscans since 1642, after donation of Council of Sao Paulo, this set of two baroque churches in rammed earth is another vertex of the Historical Triangle. Igreja de São Francisco (Saint Francis Church 133 on the left) was built from 1642 to 1647, whose convent was the place where lived the first Brazilian Saint: Saint Friar Galvao. He was transferred to it in 1762. As for Igreja das Chagas do Seráfico Pai São Francisco (The Wounds of Seraphic Father Saint Francis Church 173, on the right), it was opened in 1787, after additions to the former chapel whose origins date back to 1676. With a rock base and rococo interior, it has gold veneer altars and pieces from the 17th century, such as altarpieces by Luiz Rodrigues Lisboa and paintings by José Patrício da Silva Manso.

Where: Largo São Francisco, 133 e 173
When: Igreja de São Francisco – Daily, from 07:30 am to the end of the mass started at 06:30 pm (6 pm on tuesdays) / Igreja das Chagas: closed (under restoration).

Getting There: Metro Station Sé ( Red or Blue Line)  – 9 min walking

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Information from website: Cidade de São Paulo

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