Florianópolis the Magic Island with the nickname Floripa the is not only does this popular city boast 42 beaches and some of the best nightlife in all of Brazil, it also has one of the lowest crime rates in the country and is the Brazilian capital city with the highest Human Development Index score.

Home to stunning white-sand beaches, surrounded by lush, green mountains, Florianópolis also has lagoons and even sand dunes. Its diverse topography, combined with a warm, subtropical climate, means that there is an endless assortment of daytime activities for visitors to choose from (most of which of course revolve around the water).
Surfers and aspiring-surfers will be pleased to know that Floripa (as Florianópolis is called for short) grants some of the best waves in all of Brazil. Other options include kite-surfing, scuba diving, sand-boarding, hiking, hang gliding, mountain biking, rock climbing and horseback riding, to name a few.
While sports may be the main attraction in Florianópolis, there is also a wide range of cultural activities for visitors to partake in. In addition to several noteworthy museums, churches and a municipal market, there are also many forts throughout the city (some of which can be reached by a boat tour).
With so many strips of sand to choose from, Florianópolis truly has a beach for everyone. Generally, the beaches in the north are more crowded with more of a “scene”, while the beaches in the south are more secluded.

Praia Jurerê - Florianópolis

To be in the action, many people go to Praia de Jurerê (Jurerê Beach), an affluent, exclusive beach area in the north of the island. However, prices are high, the beaches tend to be overcrowded and this upscale neighborhood lacks the relaxed vibe found at other beaches.
Praia Brava
Praia Brava, in the north of the island, between Praia da Lagoinha and Praia dos Ingleses,1.5 km long, open ocean, facing northwest-southeast direction and is surrounded by cliffs on the sides. It is exposed to the action of the ocean swells, especially from the east that creates strong and wild waves perfect environment to practice surfing, body boarding and Stand up paddle boarding. There are a small supermarket at the south end of the main and only avenue and some food tents on the beach that can serve your during the summer months (December until the end of February). On the other months things are still quieter and you will depend on Lagoinha and Ponta das Canas for acquiring your food.

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Barra da Lagoa, situated in the center of the island, is a casual fisherman’s community offering perfect surf conditions for beginners. Also in the east, Praia Mole (Mole Beach) is another favorable surf spot, good hang out, young crowd with a vibrant beach scene, as well.

Dunes - Joaquina.

For the best place to surf in Floripa, do not miss Praia da Joaquina (Joaquina beach), also located in the east and known for its sand dunes (you can rent a sandboard) and international surf competitions. Joaquina is also a popular area to kitesurf.

A bit further south and a short boat ride away from the main island, Ilha do Campeche (Campeche Island) is an absolute must-see. Calm, crystal-clear blue waters and more white-sand beaches make up this untainted island, which is nothing short of breathtaking. Partial credit for the pristine conditions can be given to the government, which limits the number of daily visitors and the hours one can go.
Like the beaches, nightclubs and bars are abounding in Floripa. While Florianópolis is a very laid-back city, nightlife is one exception. If nothing else than to fit in with the crowd, women should expect to dress nicely (heels at the very least).
During the summertime, the nightlife tends to be by the beach Jurerê, in the beach clubs (the most famous P-12 and Café de la Musique), and when winter rolls around, Lagoa da Conceição is the place to be, with a variety of pubs and bars playing Brazilian pop music, Rock, Reggae and others .
Florianópolis and Santa Catarina have distinct seasons and winters do get colder, making this city more of a summertime destination. In the winter the entire city was deserted and during the day it was really windy, but when have summer days in the winter the city is crowded.

Information from website Rio Times Online

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