Follow a list of everything you need to know before coming to Brazil:

  1. Greetings – Among men, if they are friends, there’s generally a light hug and a tap on each other’s back.
  2. Among men and women or women/women, kisses on the cheek are normal.
  3. Brazilians are passionate and affectionate people. Brazilians often finish an email or phone conversation with kisses or hugs.
  4. The main meal of the day is lunch. Basically Brazilian eat rice with beans, salad and meat. The common types of restaurants are called “Kilo” that allow you to pay exactly what you want to eat after looking at the weight on the scales.
  5. People have the custom to workout / run in squares, streets, beaches, etc. Some streets in Brazil are closed on Sundays for this.
  6. Friends are used to giving rides for friends that live in the way of the meeting point.
  7. Cordiality and friendly with foreigners.
  8. We love soap operas.
  9. We are always late. So don’t worry if you book an appointment at 6pm and they arrive at 7pm. The same if Brazilians arrange a party at 6 pm people start to arrive at 7 pm.
  10. Almost all Brazilians don’t speak english, but if you need some help, they will try to do everything to understand and help you
  11. You can order two flavors of pizza (half and half) which gives you more room to experiment. And for desert try some more pizza such as banana with nutella.
  12. In Brazil, it’s necessary to pick up finger foods using napkins. Don’t just start picking one up with your bare hand, even if you say you’ve already washed your hands.
  13. Here we have massive traffic jams, so take consideration about when you leave to the airport
  14. To rent a car in Brazil is very expensive, so I would advice against doing this.
  15. Tipping here is a way to say if you like or dislike the service, but it is not mandatory. In bars and restaurants it is already in the bill
  16. You will be called “gringo” several times. Basicaly a gringo is somebody from a country outside of Brazil.
  17. When we go with friends to the bar we are used to spliting the check
  18. DON’T try to visit the favelas alone!
  19. Showers – Brazilians take showering very seriously. The average Brazilian showers at least twice and maybe three times a day.
  20. Brazilians are very interested in perfumes, They love to smell nice and even more they like to show off the scent
  21. Brazilians bring toothbrushes and paste with them everywhere. A typical Brazilian will often brush their teeth after each meal.
  22. Brazilians love to share everything, except maybe their partners. In particular it is not uncommon for people to share their food at restaurants.
  23. Jeitinho Brasileiro: Brazilians have an unique manner of handling things, that can surprise unprepared foreigners.

If is missing some information, write for us!


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