Feb 19th – Monobloco – Street Carnival in São Paulo


With happiness, emotion and love in our hearts that we announce the long-awaited debut of the most beloved block of Brazil in São Paulo:


The Bloco that is a fever in Rio de Janeiro carnival  for over 15 years and exploded all over the country arrived in São Paulo excusing, with all due respect and great affection, inviting everyone to make one Bloco with good energy and together live this day that promises to amazing.

Celso Alvim, Mario Moura, Sidon Silva, CA Ferrari and Pedro Luis together with a battery of 130 drummers, city residents, that practice every week since May 2015, promise to make your body can not stop dancing, your mouth not stop singing and the happiness not stop overflowing.

February 19th, Sunday with concentration from 10 am and beginning at 11 am, in an amazing place, symbol of the city: in front of the Ibirapuera Park, with concentration at the Obelisco.

To celebrate the biggest urban park in the São Paulo city, the Monobloco is an invitation to preservation of the area.
The bloco starts doing its part: fueling the sound car and the generators with biofuels, promoting the replanting of trees to eliminate the carbon footprint generated by the event, scattering hundreds of bins and toilets on the parade route and implementing selection and proper disposal of all the garbage collected! And invites you to at least THROWING TRASH IN THE RIGHT GARBAGE BASKET and DO JUST PEE IN THE BATHROOMS 😉 OK?
Happy people, amazing music and good energy.
What more could you want?

When: 19th February at  10am
Address: Obelisco at Parque Ibirapuera, São Paulo

Getting there: Go to Metro Station Brigadeiro ( Green Line) and in the 2344. Brigadeiro Luis Antonio Av get the bus: 477A-10, 967A-10 or 6412-10

Information from: Monobloco Facebook

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